Saturday, 3 September 2011

How to get more fame

Right so I was thinking. How are loads of people on really high levels? Well everyones heard of the 'short movies' right? Well its what everybody watches so they can get easy money. Plus the person who makes the movie gets loads of fame. Its a win for everyone really. I havn't made any short movies cuz im quite new.
   Another way to get easy fame is to get autographs. Maybe say something like, 'last person to give me an auto gets a gift' or something like that. People always give autos for something in return. If you have a really good relationship with someone they can give you autos to say that you two are really good friends. Also, if you give an auto to someone, they always give you an auto back.
   Apparently another way to get fame is to write a post on a forum. I dont know if its true but try it. Apparently if loads of people comment you get fame? I dunno...
Play games. Some games give you fame or money.
Also, if you go into a chatroom and you find something on the floor you either get money or fame by clicking it and do the job.

I hope this helped!
AnotherPrettyFace x
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  3. Didn't help at all i knew that but to much work and computers to slow so i cant or it will take me over a day soo think of quicker ideas!!!

  4. Thnx so much! that really helped! :) x- ! Lola D !